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Viewing Resources with Fresh Eyes

A season of grieving followed the 2016 closure of the K-5 school in an urban congregation. Two years later the Early Childhood Learning Center closed, and the congregation was experiencing discouragement, however the Holy Spirit was stirring.

A small group of mission-minded people began to envision a new purpose for the 100-year-old farmhouse on their property. It had been used some years prior but was in disrepair and without a use and occupancy permit.

Exploring the community, we learned that there were many opportunities to receive a handout of support, but there was not much offered where deep friendships could be built. A vision emerged to create a community center in the house. It took a few years to raise the funds needed to make several repairs, the occupancy permit was received, and the Grace Place Community Center opened in January 2020. And then the COVID-19 pandemic caused the programming to be put on hold.

While waiting out the pandemic, the group began to envision a new purpose for the former elementary school computer lab. We learned that the closest GED prep program is over an hour’s ride on the bus one way, so we began seriously researching and preparing to transition the computer lab into an adult learning center.

Grant funding was secured, computers were donated, a part-time director was hired, mentors were identified and trained, and adult learners have been enrolling. The week following Easter 2022, we welcomed three learners into the program who have each been paired with a mentor.

What resources might your congregation have that are currently unused?

What needs and opportunities in your community might your congregation be positioned to meet?

In what ways is the Holy Spirit stirring in your congregation?

There are coaches in the SED Coaching Network who can help you envision how these three aspects overlap. We’d love to support you in this exploration! The best way to see what’s possible is with a complimentary conversation.

Let’s Talk

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